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Tru Loved, a film by Stewart Wade

Sixteen-year-old Tru is uprooted by her lesbian moms from her comfortable gay-friendly home in San Francisco and moved to a conservative, suburban community in Southern California.

Tru’s only friend is a closeted football player, and even that friendship is jeopardized when she starts the school’s first Gay-Straight Alliance.

“‘Tru Loved’ dramatizes a struggle between bigotry and humanity that is too common for lesbian and gay individuals, families, and especially youth in America today...we believe that when this film is shared with a wide audience, it will not only open people’s eyes to the price we all pay for prejudice, but demonstrate the shared human need for understanding.”

Jody M. Huckaby
Executive Director

“This film is a great representation of the everyday people and families who are moving equality forward in our schools, homes and communities. ‘Tru Loved’ demonstrates the powerful combination of LGBT people and the straight allies who support them.”

Ramona Ripston
Executive Director
ACLU of Southern California

“Finally! A film that brings to life the phenomenon of Gay-Straight Alliance clubs sweeping through our nation’s schools, where straight allies stand alongside LGBT youth to fight for equality and acceptance. GSA Network is thrilled to partner with ‘Tru Loved’ because it will not only entertain audiences, but will inspire us all to do the right thing.”

Carolyn Laub
Founder and Executive Director
Gay-Straight Alliance Network

“‘Tru Loved’ is so much more than a charming, fun romantic comedy; it’s a film with a universal message of love and acceptance that faithfully portrays issues that challenge gay and lesbian students today in a manner that is sure to resonate with any viewer who has a heart and an ounce of human compassion. It’s the ‘Breakfast Club’ of a new generation.”

Jim Key
Chief Public Affairs Officer
L.A. Gay & Lesbian Center

“Though estimates cite as many as 10 million youth in the United States have one or more LGBT parents, it is rare that we get to hear their stories. ‘Tru Loved’ will offer a role model to millions of youth whose families are debated and attacked in our country while letting broader audiences catch a glimpse of the challenges and blessings that youth with LGBT parents experience every day.”

Meredith Fenton
COLAGE Program Director

“‘Tru Loved’ is a vibrant insight into the process of growing up in a culture that doesn’t quite know how to deal with difference. Many LGBTQ youths who find themselves in this social crucible may find support through allies, who both affirm their identity and work to transform the social conditions that render these youth so vulnerable... we see that hopeful story play out in ‘Tru Loved’ as it has in Gay-Straight Alliance clubs all over the country.”

Robert Coombs M.A.
Director of Public Affairs
California Coalition Against Sexual Assault (CALCASA)

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